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Code: 263
Brand: Mr. Blade
Category: Tactical Knife
Handle Material: G-10 Black
Hardness steel: 58-60
Blade Material: D2
Type: Clip-point

 Total length: 275 mm

Blade length: 154 mm

Blade width: 26 mm

Blade thickness: 4,5 mm


The knife is made in black to reduce visibility. Third part of the blade butt is a snide edge, ensuring the effectiveness of the blade for piercing punches, remainder butt is most durable, admitting hitting it by the auxiliary tool. Knive has a small fraction. Projection heel of the blade protects the hand from injury.

Cover of handles are made of fiberglass G10, that is able to bear heavy loads and has a non-slip surface. Each pad is connected to the shaft with two screws and a pressed channel fir Lanyard (sword knot).

Knives made of nylon fabric with a textile fastener for hanging on a belt via elastic femoral belt. Knives are compatible with the holding system «Molle». There is locking of handle with a button, pocket and ties accessories